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Teams & Talent Management

Operating of Gaming Lounges

Organising Community Cup Events & Tournaments across multiple esports titles and multiple nations


Sharang ‘Sharkyy’ Naicker was a gamer himself from his college days. After retiring from pro-DOTA2 in 2016, Sharkky started building teams around his old time friend to give exposure to his amazing talent in pro circuit.  After lot many iterations, he finally launched his first DOTA2 in August’ 2017.  The team saw its ups and downs and by November end squad for ‘Reckoning Esports’ with Rahul “Avaritia” Bisht , Sagar “ArTisTa” Naik , Jobby “DoT” Joshua, Tahir “Khans” Khan and Pratik “ParadoX” Bidkar, was stabilised.

During the journey of forming first team and keen eye to identify budding talent Sharkyy came across talented and skilled players like Riha , Kark , WorldFav and Mani . With the sole purpose of providing opportunity to amateur but amazingly talented players, ‘Reckoning Infinity’ was born.  Reckoning Infinity is a platform to help young pro players to hone their skills and improve their game play in team setting to become top-class players.

The company 'Yuvin Esports' was incorporated in September’18. The corporate journey started with senior and junior DOTA2 teams viz. Reckoning Esports and Reckoning Infinity under Yuvin’s banner. ‘Yuvin’ in Sanskrit means ‘Leader’.  We want to be the leader to bring in positivity, discipline and revamp the way esports be managed in India.

At Yuvin, we believe TEAMS ARE SOULS.  We are passionately committed to convert competitive teams into winning teams.  We have mission to build winning teams across multiple Esports titles.

In December 2018, our DOTA 2 conquered 2nd rank in India.  In June 2019, we dethroned Signify, the best Indian DOTA 2 team which had winning streak of 2 years without loosing single game. 

We then expanded to CS:GO and currently have teams for 5 esports titles.


                                “Two roads diverged in the woods, I took the one less travelled by” - Robert Frost


Reckoning started as a group of friends in a cafe teaming up to compete at the highest level of DOTA, India had to offer then. The project started with a strong bond of friendship and fire to prove something to the orthodox thinking of Indian generality.

Indian scene a couple of years back was so prejudiced that there was never ever a chance for aspirants to get to that top level of Indian DOTA. It was never due to the fact that these aspirants were not putting in the hard work or had less fire than the people at top. The prejudice, I felt had to be answered by the RECKONING, hence the name.


I knew that I had 3-4 years at hand to push myself to the top of this esports scene and I needed to be smart, calculative about how I should approach the scene which was so nascent and unprofessional. We were competing against an abundant pool of phenomenal talent internationally, for each and every esports title.


Building teams capable of sticking together and winning together was the way forward. I started building teams with only one thing in mind, DEDICATION. Dedication being paramount to everything else the player has to offer, SKILL was always ‘acquired talent’ in my team.


There was a challenge at every point, at every turn, at every bend which for the majority of people would be dissuading but for me it was always the thing’ to look forward to the next bend or curve or point and also learning from the challenges that I had overcome.


MY MANTRA - "Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes it meaningful". This was the only mantra I used to recite when nothing going right for me.


DEDICATION- Never have I ever tolerated or even thought about inducting a person without dedication in my squads. "If you show dedication you show me your heart which makes me trust you completely". No amount of skill or flattery would make me trust a person. It's the sheer amount of dedication to the game and to the team is that pulls me towards him. The journey has been strewn with experiences where the dedication was adulterated, my vision was clouded, these were the times when I learnt the most.

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